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Eye of the Storm

Artist, Writer, Warlock

Storm Faerywolf
4 March 1971
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Click here for my expanded bio
Click HERE for my expanded Bio


I'm an artist, writer, poet, witch,
friend, lover, warlock, teacher,
priest, wise-man, and fool.

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What do you do?


This journal is a random slice of my thoughts, musings, art projects, rants, self-indulgent fantasies, and general silliness... on topics such as art, sex, politics, homosexuality, witchcraft, polyamoury, queer spirituality, Reiki, and the occult, to name but a few of my primary interests. I will also make irregular updates here to both my teaching schedule, as well as post links to my various art projects, and content updates to my website, www.faerywolf.com

Pan, the Sacred Lover
©2005 Storm Faerywolf

Long ago on moonlit night
standing naked on the earth
I called to Pan with open heart
and so he came with pleasure's touch.

From wooded darkness he did come
from fervent rut and primal throb
and horned he stood like blackened flame
to touch my skin and warm my blood.

My hands were his and so they worked
with fevered pitch and soft caress
and as our bodies writhed as one
a moonlit river
deluge of stars.

As seed was spilled upon the earth
as lightning flashed across my mind
the chill of sweat upon my flesh
so marked as his was I that night.

IAO! Pan! My sacred lover,
Who warms my bed on winter's night,
I bow before your starry rise
And rest within your starry fall.

If you find it interesting here
then feel free to
friend me.


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